Drink Up! You Swallow These Little Guys With Every Gulp of NYC Tap Water

Published on May 1, 2014 by

New York City’s water is undeniably delicious, but you’ll never guess what little bugs are swimming around in your everyday drinking tap.

These delicious invisible shrimp—and filled with tiny crustaceans called copepods.



Don’t let the headline scare you. Copepods are completely harmless (and really tiny), and are actually doing your water good.

A distant relative of the lobster- copepods are the not-so-natural-born killers that are being used to fight mosquitoes, keeping water sources clear.

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, so copepods are being released into places where standing water collects — in tires, containers in backyards and junkyards, at construction sites and in road-side ditches.

Think of them as invisible shrimp who make NYC tap water taste fantastic. Like fantastic, quenching shrimp juice.

Photo Courtesy: Imgur & Reddit 


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